What Is The Best Method To Use When Cutting Metals

What is the best method of cutting metal

There are as many metal cutting methods as there are different types of metals. Your choice metal cutting method will be on the basis of the metal type, precision required, and the purpose of the project.

The following are the main methods of cutting metal:

Manual Cutting

There are a number of hand tools you will get from a steel stockholder. They include hacksaws and hand shears. Use these tools to cut pliable metal in the form of thin sheets of aluminium. Although a common method, manual metal cutting should not be used where small pieces of metal are needed. The metal may end up getting broken instead of giving you the pieces you desire.

If you need to shape metal, a chisel can be very helpful. Make sure you understand the kind of job you are doing before choosing between a cold or hot chisel.

Machine Cutting

If you have a larger project or are working with thicker metals, you may not achieve much with manual cutting. The following are some of the machine cutting methods recommended by steel stockholders:

  • Use a grinding machine on jobs that require a relatively smooth finish. Grinders use capitalize on the friction created when the abrasive material brush against the metal. That is how they are able to smoothen the rough edges on a metal.
  • A lathe is a sharp cutting tool that is used to cut a metal in rapid spinning motion. It is a high precision machine that is recommended by steel suppliers for machining purposes.
  • When in need of cutting more robust metals, a punch should be your top choice of machine. It uses pressure to cut the metal. It works very fast and can produce some 1,000 hits per minute.
  • Water jet. This method can employ plain water or a mixture of water and abrasive materials. The machine releases a jet of the water into the metal with the aim of cutting it. It works best for metals that can be damaged by intense heat.
  • Flame and plasma. Although done the same way as a water jet, it uses a burning gas to produce an intensely hot flame. The flame burns and melts the metal, thus cutting it. Compare to flame torches, plasma uses higher heat and is, therefore, very efficient.
  • Laser cutting. This is a newer method of cutting metal. It works by applying a beam laser rays to cut metals. This method is best suited for high-precision projects.

Don’t jump into choosing the first method that comes to your mind. As a steel stockholder for advice.

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