What Are The Best Types Of Metal For Welding?

The Best Metal For Welding

Every welder needs a working knowledge of metals to succeed in their work. Metals and their alloys have different ways of responding to heat. The way you manipulate them is also different. In most metals, the first reaction to heat is softening and expansion. Due to the differences in their response to welding methods, you need to know the characteristics of each and every one of them from the get-go. A steel stockholder should be able to enlighten you about that before you make any purchases.

The following are the best metals for welding:

Low Carbon Mild Steel

This is considered the best metal for welding. Apart from being in abundant supply, this metal has undergone a lot of research over the years. As such, there are many methods of welding low carbon mild steel. It can be welded using electric arc waveforms and filler materials. It is, therefore, very easy to weld low carbon steel.

Steel stock holders recommend it because of its better ductility compared to other kinds of steel. It contains trace quantities of alloy metals together with low carbon. The metal hardly cracks as a result of welding.


You need the right knowledge and skills to be able to weld aluminium. Select the right grade of the metal and you can be sure of getting the desired results. Steel suppliers recommend the 1XXX series as the best for welding. If you choose the 6XXX series, you might have a little difficulty with the job. In the 2XXX series, aluminium can hardly be welded.

Stainless Steel

Welding stainless steel is not a job for the novice. You need adequate knowledge and skills to be able to pull off the job. Ask your steel stockholder for the grades of the metal that can be welded. Examples include austenitic and ferritic stainless steel. Martensitic steel is hard and highly likely to crack, therefore, difficult to weld.

Other Metals

Steel suppliers stock a number of metals but not all of them can be welded. Those that have properties that allow for welding, such as titanium, require the use of additional equipment to shield them from oxidation. To weld high-carbon steel, you must treat it before and after heating. If you don’t do that, the metal will just crack on you. To weld super alloys, you need to do it in a vacuum.

It is, therefore, clear that low carbon mild steel is the best metal for welding.

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